An Open Mind Opens Doors

Woman standing facing the open water while standing on a beach at sunset

Don’t let fight, flight, or freeze get the better of you. I’m a flighter. When I sense a conflict situation, I want to run away and hide. What’s your move? When you sense an uncomfortable moment, what do you want to do – fight, flight, or freeze? This explains why, when I saw my Congressman at … Read more

Leadership Lessons from the Marine Corps

Angie leaning against a wall in her military uniform

“We’re going to break it down, Barney Style.”  This was what our Marine Corps instructors would say when the School of Hard Knox was in session. And, like the adorable purple dinosaur teaching toddlers step-by-step lessons, our instructors would painstakingly review easy-to-implement guidance on a range of skills, like: Yes, that last one!! Leadership can seem … Read more

What’s Getting Your Attention?

Woman with her eyes closed and looking upward outside with gratitude

When I was young, I’d leap, jump, and cartwheel on my school’s playground balance beams. Well…not all of them. Just the ones that were laying on the ground. As for the others? I didn’t dare. I once tried the one that was 6” off the ground. I was too wobbly on it and hopped off quickly before I embarrassed myself. … Read more

The Teacher is the Student

Two empty glasses of wine sitting on a coffee table next to an unopened bottle of wine

One of the “glories” of being a mom to two teenagers is that they’re quick to point out my inconsistencies. It’s like I’ve got the hypocrite police on my back all the time. The value of this is that I’m always asking myself – am I modeling the behaviors I expect them to demonstrate? Or, am … Read more

Reinvent Your Life

Woman doing crunches on a mat at the gym

Do you feel stuck? In these situations, it’s easy to blame externalities: Do you know what’s hard? Sitting quiet with your thoughts and admitting you’re the one who created the situation…and you’re the only one who can lead yourself out of it. Absolute accountability is painful. It’s the only way to a better place. Accountability is … Read more

The Process of Gaining Clarity in Life

Woman walking through the woods

“If you’re going to do nothing, do it on purpose.” My friend, Allen Meacham, shared this idea with me. It was so meaningful I included this idea in my book, SPARK. In our busy lives, it’s hard to imagine that doing nothing can have its benefits. For my ultra-busy coaching clients, I know the idea of … Read more

How to Have Fun in Your Life

Person doing a cartwheel on the the beach

My friend Shannon and I grabbed a glass of wine recently at a local vineyard. We don’t do this enough. She’s a former CIA Officer; her life’s story is an inspirational tale of resiliency, self-compassion, and personal growth. (She was my first Bet on You Podcast guest, by the way. Listen in by clicking here.) I love talking with … Read more

Career Fulfillment? It Starts with Value.


I don’t need headlines to tell me that the vast majority of professionals throughout the country are considering massive career changes because they’re just not happy.  I’ve got a “boots on the ground” perspective.   As a leadership development coach, I get hundreds of queries from professionals who want support in career transitions.  They want a … Read more

Three Ideas for Goal Setting in the New Year

We’re at the end of 2023.  I’m in goal setting mode right now.  But if you know me, you know I’m never really out of goal setting mode. It can be annoying, or at least that’s what I’ve been told by select members of my family. When we go on vacation, I have vacation goals.  … Read more