Everything you need to win
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It’s Time to
Bet on You.

Angie Morgan
Motivational Speaker.  Leadership Expert. Marine Corps Veteran.  Executive Coach.


Motivational Speaker. Leadership Expert.

Take the risks that matter. With her powerful and impactful keynote speaking, executive coaching, and leadership development, Angie dares you to chase victory.

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Angie’s keynote speaking and executive coaching are embraced by the world’s best businesses and she is regularly featured by top news and professional organizations.

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Meet Angie

Former Marine Officer, Business Owner, NY Times Best-Selling Author

What stands between you and your dreams is your ability to take risks and Bet on You.

As a Marine Corps Veteran, Angie built the foundation of her expertise in taking risks to win.


Now a seasoned keynote speaker, executive coach, and successful entrepreneur, she helps leaders around the globe embrace risk-taking skills to spark leadership and inspire career and life goals. Angie takes science-backed guidance to help her audience gain the clarity, confidence, and courage they need to bet on themselves.

Meet Angie Witkowski Collage
Spark with Angie Witkowski

Spark Transformational Leadership

Authentic Leadership with Powerful and Relatable Storytelling

Ignite Your Workforce

Angie has a gift at helping spark individuals into high-performing teams that achieve (seemingly) insurmountable goals. If you love to win, she can help your business achieve success.


She is not a self-help guru who tells you how to live while hers is in chaos. She is a humble leader who embraces the exact same practices as she teaches through relatable and engaging stories.

Angie's Bio

Renowned Leader with a Contagious Winning Spirit

Schedule Angie to Help Motivate Your Team

Angie Morgan is a New York Times best-selling author of the business books SPARK, Bet on You, and Leading from the Front. She has been a coach inside some of the world’s best businesses and has shared a keynote stage with some of the most influential leaders of our time. Angie served as an officer in the Marine Corps and holds a BA and MBA from the University of Michigan. She is a CEO and founder of a leadership development firm, Angie Witkowski Group.

Angie Witkowski Collage
Angie Witkowski Keynote Speaker

Best Keynote Speaker to Spark Momentum

Every great result comes with risk. Spark leadership to Win with Risk.

As leaders, it’s vital for us to possess an unshakable belief in
ourselves, to believe that we have what it takes to succeed.
As organizations, our future is determined by our employee’s
ability to believe they are greater than the challenges they face.
Angie is a well-renowned and sought after motivational speaker
who inspires leaders to develop the clarity, confidence, and
courage to embrace risk to win.


With an authentic, story-telling approach, Angie delivers
powerful keynotes that spark leadership with her real-life stories
of courage, perseverance, and risk-taking. Audiences who hear
Angie leave with tools to level up their leadership, champion
change, and embrace a renewed belief in winning through risk.


Read Angie’s Latest Book

Bet On You

Build the Risk-Taking Skills that Will Lead You to a Life of Fulfillment.

Achieving anything requires risk. But as humans, we’re hardwired to avoid risk and choose safety. In the process, we miss out on the things we want most—to develop our full potential, realize our dreams, and overcome any challenge we face.


But a risk-taking mindset can be learned. New York Times Best-Selling author Angie Morgan’s latest book, Bet on You, teaches you to confront your safety bias and take the risks that will propel you from where you are to where you want to be.

Bet on You Podcast

What does it take to pursue your wildest dreams?

How do you find the courage to make a 180° change in your life?

Join host Angie Morgan each week as she delves into these questions and more with the “ordinary” extraordinary, real-life people who are accomplishing amazing things. Every episode features an inspiring story that shares tools and strategies you can use for your own journey to amazing.

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