10 Morning Habits I Live By

Woman holding a book and sitting on her couch

I get asked a lot: how do you do it?? Keep a rigorous schedule, train for athletic competitions, travel the globe, and appear so energized. I thought I’d share my secrets.   A great morning begins after a great night’s sleep. So, technically, my morning habits begin at 7:00 pm the night prior. I’ve typically eaten by then, I don’t … Read more

The World is Waking Up

Clock with a cup of coffee next to it - The World is Waking Up

I can guarantee that I don’t look anything like the image in my profile picture when I wake up in the morning. My hair is balled up in knots. I might have leftover mascara underneath my eyes. And all the imperfections I diligently try to hide on my face are on display for only the … Read more