Is Your Career “Stuck?” Here’s What to Do About It.

frozen roses - Is Your Career “Stuck?” Here’s What to Do About It.

Some people like puzzles. Others like games. For me, I love writing … there’s no greater joy than getting a piece to a place where you can hit “send.” Take the time to read this piece I penned for Fast Company. This article offers career advice to professionals who feel stuck to supercharge their work/life trajectory.

Also, feel free to forward this to anyone who might feel their career is stalling out … or at risk of being “stuck.” Even the best leaders can plateau. This is my advice on how to mount a resurgence. Moreover, it’s my hope that through this piece I can give someone the forward momentum that they need.

Five Reasons Why Your Career is Stalled … and How to Get Unstuck. 

… throughout my work with professionals, I’ve realized there are five common reasons that prevent professionals from advancing. These insights have provided successful resurgences for my clients, and I want to share them to help conscientious leaders (like yourself – since you are reading this article) take the initiative to avoid these situations or use them to help mentor a colleague, direct report, or friend … 

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