Is That More Glitter?


I made a holiday mistake a few years ago.

I bought wrapping paper with glitter decals on it.  Under the tree, presents sparkled.  When gifts were unwrapped in a fury by my kids, glitter went everywhere.  I spent a better part of my Christmas Day vacuuming … and vacuuming, which was a far cry from what I’d hoped to be doing: lounging in front of the fireplace drinking coffee until it was time for mimosas.  

As you can guess, the next day, and the weeks following, I was still vacuuming glitter. In fact, when I opened up my Christmas decorations this year I discovered some of those stray glitter specks.  

Fortunately, when I saw them, I didn’t freak out.  Glitter is no longer the bane of my existence; it’s since transformed from a bad idea into a happy memory that makes for a great story. 

Isn’t that the richness of life?  

We can have powerful, strong feelings in any given moment, but time and perspective have a way of either deepening the meaning of an event, or changing it entirely. 

Like …

How hate can transform into love.

Love can end in breakups.

Breakups can be blessings.

Blessings can be curses.

Curses can be powerful catalysts for change.

And change? There’s good change, and bad change, and sometimes we’re in the midst of something so intense it’s hard to determine if it’s the best thing that’s ever  happened to us … or the worst.

In that spirit, we’re in the midst of the holiday season. We’re also at the end of 2023.  Most of us are in full-blown reflection mode, as it’s the first time in a while we’ve been able to sit down, catch our breath, and check in with ourselves.  

How are you today?  

My greatest hope is that wherever you are, you’re full of joy and reading this with a grateful heart.  

I also know that the holidays can be challenging – and perhaps not for us personally, but for the people we know and love so much.  

Wherever you and your mindset are in this moment, my hope is that you find time to wander, mentally speaking,  and think about all the things that are shining brightly in your life, and what situations you’re in that have the potential to be important memories.  Yes, think of glitter.  And like the saying goes: all that glitter isn’t gold.  And sometimes it is.  And sometimes glitter is obvious because it’s shining right in front of you, and sometimes it’s not in plain view … but I promise you, it’s there, waiting to be discovered throughout the years  to come.

My best wishes to you and yours,

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