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It takes two to make a thing go right …

It takes two to make it out of sight …

– Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock – It Takes Two

(I thought you’d enjoy that earworm!!)

I recently had an “Ah-Ha!” that life is too short to work with people who aren’t enjoyable to be around. With this awakening, I’m actively initiating new collaborative partnerships that bring fun to the center of work.

For me, these partnerships include people who:

The result? Work is a constant source of inspiration so much so that I hesitate to even call it work. 

I know that you’re likely in a position where you can’t hand select everyone you work with and around. But you know what you can do? Be purposeful with who you partner with on your above and beyond goals.  

  • Maybe there’s a side hustle that you’re interested in exploring, like my friend, Bafor?
  • Maybe there’s a work initiative that you want to develop?
  • Maybe there’s a life goal that you’d like to tackle?

You can go far on your own. But don’t you want to go further? That’s what a good partner does! 

Before you jump into a partnership, be clear on what type of person you’d like to collaborate with. Friendship, alone, doesn’t make a great partnership.  Shared values, and complementary work ethic and styles, do.  

Also, think about a partner who has different skills than you – and how they can add value? In addition, get a sense of their appetite for risk. This helps ensure that you think and act big enough … and when you make a move it’s responsible, not reckless.

Here’s to a new era of exciting collabs  – you can’t high perform alone:

  • Batman has Robin
  • Mahomes has Kelce
  • Rob Base has DJ  E-Z Rock

Who’s your +1?

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