How to Talk with Veterans on Memorial Day

Arlington National Cemetery

A few years ago, I was a chaperone for my son’s Washington D.C. class trip. Fortunately for the students and me, Arlington Cemetery was on our itinerary. If you’ve never visited, know that it’s a powerful experience that reminds you of the truest sacrifices men and women have made for this great nation of ours. In other words, … Read more

An Open Mind Opens Doors

Woman standing facing the open water while standing on a beach at sunset

Don’t let fight, flight, or freeze get the better of you. I’m a flighter. When I sense a conflict situation, I want to run away and hide. What’s your move? When you sense an uncomfortable moment, what do you want to do – fight, flight, or freeze? This explains why, when I saw my Congressman at … Read more

Self-Candor, Discipline, and Discomfort

Woman doing workout ropes in a gym

I’ve learned in life there are Three Levels of Commitment: I’ve found that in life, depending upon the initiative or goal, I’m bouncing around all three levels…but when it matters, I’m Level Three.  If I were baking a Level Three Commitment cake, first off, it’d be chocolate. The additional ingredients would be:  Self-candor is our ability … Read more

What Are You Rallying Towards?

Woman jumping with her hands in the air at the top of a mountain

What are we rallying towards? My friend asked me this recently when I shared with her my blog title, “Rally Cry.” I gave her an answer. But had she asked me this week, she would’ve gotten a better answer.   You see, I just read this poem, which raised a very powerful question that made me … Read more

Three Secrets to Peak Performance

Man standing on top of mountain with his hands in the air

I once heard Malcolm Gladwell express that if you’re an expert on 98% of the topic, that remaining 2% should make you insanely curious about what you don’t know. In that spirit, I attended a HEROIC training course a few weeks ago.   Now, I’ve been a keynote speaker for decades. I’m blessed to have a manager … Read more

Use Your Voice

Silhouette action sport outdoors of a group of kids having fun playing soccer football on green grass field

I embarrassed my youngest son recently by being “that mom.”  Let me set the stage: My son’s coaches called a parent meeting to introduce themselves, talk about their coaching style, and the tournament season ahead. While they were talking, all the athletes were on the field. One of the more senior athletes, leading stretching, kept calling the … Read more

Leadership Lessons from the Marine Corps

Angie leaning against a wall in her military uniform

“We’re going to break it down, Barney Style.”  This was what our Marine Corps instructors would say when the School of Hard Knox was in session. And, like the adorable purple dinosaur teaching toddlers step-by-step lessons, our instructors would painstakingly review easy-to-implement guidance on a range of skills, like: Yes, that last one!! Leadership can seem … Read more

10 Morning Habits I Live By

Woman holding a book and sitting on her couch

I get asked a lot: how do you do it?? Keep a rigorous schedule, train for athletic competitions, travel the globe, and appear so energized. I thought I’d share my secrets.   A great morning begins after a great night’s sleep. So, technically, my morning habits begin at 7:00 pm the night prior. I’ve typically eaten by then, I don’t … Read more

What’s Getting Your Attention?

Woman with her eyes closed and looking upward outside with gratitude

When I was young, I’d leap, jump, and cartwheel on my school’s playground balance beams. Well…not all of them. Just the ones that were laying on the ground. As for the others? I didn’t dare. I once tried the one that was 6” off the ground. I was too wobbly on it and hopped off quickly before I embarrassed myself. … Read more

Discovering Your Self-Worth

Woman hugging herself and smiling up at thee sky

Say this with me: “I’m a good person who deserves to be treated with respect.” This is a solid statement of self-worth. If your self-worth is strong, then you never: As you reflect against these expectations, how’d you do? If you saw room for improvement, no worries. That’s why I’m writing this. Self-worth is one of the most … Read more